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Question: Can you bring dogs to Kuhankuono?

Answer: It is permitted, if you keep your pet on a leash. Extra precautions are suggested under nesting time (May-July).

Question: Should you be afraid of predators in Kuhankuono?

Answer: No. Wolfs and other predators are wary and they will evade humans. If you have an urge to fear something, you can be afraid of the wasps - they are much more dangerous than predators.

Question: It is difficult to find your way to the area. Could you add some approach maps?

Answer: Here is a link to an approach map.

Question: Is there a public transportation connection to Kuhankuono?

Answer: Yes, now there is. The local bus traffic Föli has started a connection from Turku to Kuhankuono and Kurjenrahka during summertime. Check the schedules here. It is, by far, the cheapest way to get to Kuhankuono. From the beginning of year 2013 there is an express bus connection from Turku and Säkylä. The travel time is about 25 minutes from both Turku and Säkylä. The route is operated by Satakunnan Liikenne Oy and during the busiest times the bus goes once in an hour along the road 204. There is approximately 500 meters from the bus stop to the Kurjenpesä nature cabin and to the Around Savojärvi Trail. The bus leaves from platform 6 at the central bus station in Turku. More about the ticket fares and time tables on the location subpage.

Question: Where do you get drinking water during your hike?

Answer: Unfortunately there are only few water refill points in Kuhankuono area. Usually the problem is the small or uneven consumption of water which leads to small replacement of water in the wells. That creates favorable conditions for bacteria growth. The most reliable places to refill your drinking water bottles are Rantapiha sauna - during summertime from the tap and when the sauna is closed from the water pump near the sauna. There is also a tap at the Kurjenpesä nature cabin. A new water refill point has been established in 2019. It is at Toivolan Kievari. The well at Lakjärvi is - according to the test results in 2010 - suitable for occasional use (regardless of the slightly raised bacteria level), but the well near Soikeroinen lean-to needs to be boiled before use. Käärmelähde is a spring by Kangenmiekka. The water was tested in 2010 and was found drinkable, although during dry season the taste of the water tend have a slight down to earth flavor. It is an open spring and therefore it is prone to get spoiled fast if the conditions change to unfavorable. Lake Särkijärvi pump was removed permanently due to the high bacteria load in 2011.